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We will start the year with the "Building a Reading Life." The students will learn about making good book choices, tracking their thinking while they read, reading between the lines, etc. It will be important for the students to begin building their reading stamina.

The first writing unit is all about writing true stories. The students will learn about picking a moment in their lives and describing the "heart of the story" in detail.  We will work on writing in paragraphs, using transitions, and continue practicing basic mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, etc.)

Chapter 1 will help students learn about numbers up to 10,000. They will understand place value, addition, subtraction, and estimation.

Social Studies:
The beginning of the school year is a hodge podge of social studies concepts. We will begin the year studying the United States Constitution (Preamble and Bill of Rights), the branches of government, voting, inauguration, and a little bit about September 11th. After that we will jump into the Colonial Life unit.

The first science unit of the year is on light energy. The students will learn about refraction, reflection, absorption, shadows, and the human eye.

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