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Black History Month
Brain Pop

Brain Pop Jr.

African American History Challenge

Find the Face Matching Game

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, & the Montgomery Boycott

Black History in America

Pathway to Freedom

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Brain Pop: Maps

Brain Pop: Continents and Oceans

Brain Pop: Landforms

Flight Rescue

Equator, Prime Meridian, and Hemispheres

Colonial Life
Colonial Webquest

13 Colonies Map

The First Thanksgiving

Colonial Life:
PBS: Colonial House Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Life

Williamsburg Kids

Meet the Daggetts

BrainPop: 13 Colonies

BrainPop Jr.: 13 Colonies

Colonial Jobs:
Colonial Williamsburg Trades

Trades (Jobs)

Colonial Trades (Jobs)

Colonial Clothes:
Clothing Intro

Men's Clothing

Women's Clothing

Children's Clothing

Clothing Layers-Women

Clothing Layers-Men

Colonial Schools:
Colonial School

Education in the 13 Colonies

Early American Education

Colonial Schools-lots of pictures!

Colonial Games & Toys:
Colonial Games

Children's Games

Toys & Games

Parlor Games

American Folk Toys

Children's Puzzles

Early American Crafts

Historical Doll Kits

Pioneer Life
Westward Expansion BrainPOP

Gold Rush BrainPOP

Fun With History: The Long Journey West

Fun With History: Pioneers on the Plains

The Settlement of the American West

History Channel: Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion Facts

Westward Expansion

Life as a Pioneer

Pioneer Life Facts

The Gold Rush of 1849

The Homestead Act

Frontier House

The Homestead Act

NatGeo: The Pioneers

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